Peace Not Pieces

As a child, I used to ask the stars
if we could live a day without the lousy harms?
if we could chill-out and forget about our scars?
I was wondering if there is another planet
where the crowd nurses a harmony without a single fight,
where only peace plays the role of the guiding light,
where only peace is held up between the arms so pretty tight,
where only peace has the strongest might,
Where everyone around looks drowned in felicity from the first sight,
and everybody›s soul remains as free as a flying kite.
As a child, I used to fetch peace not segregated pieces
I used to forgive to reach the peace
In the name of peace,
I fancied seeing a plenary fellowship, not
weak creatures on their knees,
Not able to find their freedom keys
complaining about gaining some additional fees.
As a child, within my mind, I used to fancy peace,
to wonder how does it look alike?
seem alike? sound alike? or even smell alike?

Sometimes, I perceive peace in the voices
that charm the ear and echo with a subtle
resonance in the soul,
Does that make me sound as a fool?
Other times, I sense peace in the freshening breeze
that strikes my brow with a cooling hand.
And within the freshness of some pulse of air
from an invisible sea.
As a child, I used to wonder
Now as an adult I became an achiever
not a fool, but for the sake of peace I became a fighter
defying bigotries to make the world lighter,
lending my hand to the weak to make life seem easier,
Spreading euphoric grins to live happier
isn’t peace a radiant serenity derived from a morning sky?
Isn’t peace the music of little kids’ soft smiles that
keeps on singing swift melodies in my veins?
As I child, I used to believe in the existence of peace
Now, as an adult, I am the “peace”
you are made of “peace”

Author: Lilia Khazri

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